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Motor Insurance Policy

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Motor Insurance is a legal requirement in Malta.  However it does not mean that one should treat it differently to purchasing any other service or product.  Care needs to be taken when selecting your cover. SOVAG can help you to select the ideal cover for you.

The basic covers include the following:

Third Party Only
  • Third party covers your legal liability for death or injuries to other people, arising from accidents caused by the use of your car

  • It covers your legal liability for death of or bodily injury to the passengers in  your car

  • It includes the legal liability of passengers in your car for accidents caused by them.

Third Party Fire & Theft

  • Fire and theft are added to the Third Party Only covers, which may include lightning, explosion or attempted theft

  • Loss or damage to spare parts or accessories by fire and theft, provided they are kept in the insured car.


  • This includes all accidental damage to a policyholder's vehicle.

  • Exclusions include depreciation, wear and tear, loss of use, damage to tyres by breaking, cuts and bursts, mechanical or electrical failure, loss or damage to the vehicle due to depreciation, or loss in market value following repairs.

  • Included is accidental injury to yourself or your wife/husband, resulting in death, loss of sight, loss of sight and/or limbs up to Lm 2,000

  • Medical expenses up to Lm 50 per person

  • Loss or damage to rugs and personal effects up to Lm 100 per person less applicable excess

  • Windscreen and car window breakage


Customer Service

General Tips

If you have any queries, or would like to receive a claim form by post contact our Customer Service on 21224702 or 21241491 or send us an e-mail on


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Claim Form

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  • If you choose comprehensive cover, decider whether you want to pay for any additional benefits (car replacement, NCD protection etc.)

  • Regularly review the current market value of your car, so that the amount of your cover can be amended upon each renewal

  • Consider taking up an special discounts (additional excess etc.)

In case of a claim

  • Fill in the rear-to-front form or call the police whichever is necessary

  • Obtain name(s) and address(es) of other driver(s) involved.

  • Note other vehicle registration(s) and make of vehicle.

  • Ask for name of insurers and policy numbers

  • Note names & address of independent witnesses

  • Make a rough diagram of the accident

  • Make note of the precise location and time of the accident

  • Note any statement made at the scene of the accident by any of the parties, but do not discuss who was at fault as this might prejudice the insurer's position.


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