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From Name to Person

We are not large, but we are secure and our approach is straightforward, we deliver customised, quality products & continuity at the right price.

Contact Us

We have introduced our Company and we have introduced our services, albeit only in a brief and general way.  We should now like to introduce ourselves personal and would be glad of having the opportunity to do so.

No doubt you would like more detailed information which we shall be pleased to give. Please contact our Head Office in Valletta, or one of our branches or sub agencies. Please note our addresses & telephone numbers.



Cordina Insurance Agency Ltd.,
Schwarzmeer und Ostsee Vershicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft (SOVAG)
Malta Agents & Attorney,
55, Kingsway Palace,
Republic Street,
Valletta VLT04 Malta
Telephone No. (00356) 21224702, (00356) 21241491
Facsimile No. (00356) 21225544
E-mail address:
Web site:
Contact Persons:
Mr. Maurice Cordina Borg & Mr. Victor Cordina (Directors)